Jolana Kotábová milliner

Jolana Kotábová

In 1998 I started to work as a Milliner in Družstvo Moděva, later Družstvo Model Praha.

In the first workshop at Jungmannova street I worked under the leadership of Jarmila Potůčková. Then we moved to Mikulandská street and since 1994 I worked under the leadership of Daniela Veselá in Milady Horákové street. I worked there until 2003 when I left for a maternity leave.

After the maternity leave I decided to go my own path and founded my own workshop where I have been producing women's hats models and making use of what I learned in the previous years. Now I am also undergoing a training and learning new methods as the processing and use of new modern materials.

During my first years I was lucky regarding older colleagues who worked as Milliners during the World War II. Their experience enriched me and I learned a lot from them.

That is why I place emphasis on manual processing and high-quality work. It is my priority. However, a hat must also be creative and adorn each woman.

When making hats inspiration can be drawn from the material, colour, trend, opportunities and if a hat is made for a particular client the main inspiration is herself. The mood and environment surrounding me at the moment are also important.

I admire the unbelievable creations of London milliner designers as Stephen Jones and Philips Treacy. Even the ladies in the Royal Family apparently favour them as they often wearer their hats.

Prague is not London where hats have a long-term tradition also thanks to the Royal Family. But even in Prague there are ladies who cannot go out without a hat…

Many women have a bias to wearing of hats and are afraid to wear them… but a special hat model can be made for each type of woman and it is very important to be able to put the hat on correctly so that it does not look ridiculously and the woman feels well. Somebody needs to hide bellow the hat and on the contrary somebody wants to draw attention thanks to the hat.

A hat points out each woman’s individuality. It may be decent, elegant and extravagant.

A hat is a passion… wearing of hats is a fun.